The Hollingshead Family: Holly, Macey, Jeff, and Emmie
The Hollingshead Family: Holly, Macey, Jeff, and Emmie

Jeff Hollingshead

For Mayor of Smyrna

The Right Experience to be the Best Mayor!


Financial Responsibility

• Our government should be run like a business

• Our tax dollars should be managed more responsibly


Customer Service

• Open and transparent government that serves the people

• Expect less bureaucracy and fewer regulations


 Responsible Growth

• Attracting good paying jobs and diversifying our tax base will be a top priority

• Upgrade and expand Smyrna’s infrastructure


 Smyrna needs new leadership not saddled with ideas from the past. we need a leader who does not play favorites and can bring Smyrna together.


My Response to Recent Attacks


A Plan For Smyrna’s Future


Hollingshead_Plan1d-1Edit copy

I had the opportunity to speak in front of the entire Town Council June 11, 2013, regarding how our city and our tax dollars are being managed.

Please click on the icons below to view some of the Town of Smyrna budget items.


Capital Improvements Plan
Capital Improvements Plan
Smyrna Budget Summary
Smyrna Budget Summary
Town of Smyrna 2013-2013 Budget
Town of Smyrna 2013-2013 Budget
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